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Rent a Row, Watch it Grow!

Looking for an inexpensive and fun way to connect with your food? 

Sign up for Rent a Row, Watch it Grow for only $9.95 per row foot,

and know where your garlic is grown.  Each row foot yields two (2) jumbo gourmet garlic bulbs. 


On Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we post the preparation of our fields,

the incorporation of our natural fertilizers, and the methods we use to grow large, healthy garlic bulbs without using pesticides and herbicides. 

At Natures Garlic Farm, we maintain a constant effort to be

good stewards of our land.

Joining our Rent a Row, Watch it Grow program, you will see the various stages of the garlic plant from the seed clove, to the young plant as it emerges from the ground, to the phase when the bulb is formed, and finally the bulb harvest and drying.  As you view these posts, you will know that you will be receiving

some of these Locally Grown, Naturally Delicious Garlic Bulbs delivered

directly to your door.  Rent a Row, Watch it Grow is a great way to

become involved in the Local Food Movement by supporting local farming,

and knowing where, and how, your garlic is grown.

Join today and begin your journey into farming, knowing that you will be enjoying the intense flavors of our Locally Grown, Naturally Delicious Hardneck Garlic.

Happy Growing!

The Garlic Guy


A great gift for Chefs, Foodies, Garlic lovers,

and Healers

Educational for the kids at home or school,

and a fun way to introduce healthy foods.

A great way to connect with your food

Garlic grown without Pesticides or Herbicides

Ready to get started?  Please click on the price link below, or visit our Product page to order.   Need more information?  Send us a message.

  Only $9.95 per ft.

  Yield two (2) Garlic bulbs per foot

Thank you for contacting Natures Garlic Farm!

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